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Your Denim Guide to Agolde

August 14, 2023

Your Denim Guide to Agolde

Your Denim Guide to Agolde

Denim is arguably the most used item in everyone’s wardrobe, yet this corner of fashion is where we have the most questions asked. Finding the perfect fitting denim jeans is a task, to make things a little easier, we’ve put together a Q&A of all our most-asked questions from customers when buying a pair of Agolde jeans, with a little extra help from the Agolde team themselves…
Should you size up in AGOLDE?
Agolde can run slightly small because of the quality of denim. Their denim is made from a high quality cotton, meaning that at first try their jeans may feel a little stiff and inflexible. After being worn, they will loosen and mould to fit your specific body shape, making them the ultimate ‘for life’ denim brand. If you are in between sizes, we would recommend sizing up.
Is AGOLDE the same as Citizens of Humanity?
Citizens of Humanity are an umbrella company, within which Agolde falls under. Whilst the two brands are different entities, Agolde denim is manufactured in California, crafted in facilities owned by Citizens of Humanity or their affiliates.
Who is the owner of AGOLDE? 
The brand is owned by Jerome Dahan, who took over Agolde in 2014. As a denim aficionado, Dahan was the perfect fit for the company, bringing years of expertise and passion for the denim and fashion industry.
How long does it take to break in 100% cotton jeans? 
100% cotton denim can expand one inch to 1.5 inches over a three month period of daily wear. Meaning that Agolde jeans should take a few months to break in completely. Once broken in, you’ll find them just as comfortable as your everyday loungewear.
How often should I wash my jeans? 
A general rule recommended by experts is every 3-10 wears. In order to preserve shape, quality and colour, washing 100% cotton jeans after each wear is not advised.
To round off our denim questions, Head Buyer Emma sat down with the lovely Shaz from Agolde at their showroom in London and asked them more about the brand.

Emma: What makes Agolde different from other denim brands?

Shaz: “We feel like under the Citizens of Humanity umbrella, we are definitely on the forefront of trend. We have a sustainable angle to everything that we do and the collection is incredibly rounded, that’s how we set ourselves apart.”

Emma: How important do you think denim is in an everyday wardrobe?

Shaz: “Well it’s now a staple, so I think it’s part of this, you know everyone’s talking about quiet luxury. It’s part of this everyday, whether you’re dressing it up or dressing it down it’s your everyday uniform.”

Emma: Top picks for AW season?

Shaz: “I’d have to say it’s the total look. So it’s the perfect tank, being the poppy or the baby, the perfect denim shirt, the perfect jean of course – so that’s dependent on the leg you wear, and the perfect denim jacket which is such a staple and one thing you can wear as a total denim look or over dresses.”

We hope this denim guide gave you some of the answers you were looking for! If you have any sizing queries, our team of in-store stylists are on hand to help with any further information you might need to find the perfect fit. Message our WhatsApp chat on 07498 890530 for live contact with our expert stylists.


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