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Trend Forecast

October 25, 2022

Trend Forecast

Fashion is an ever-changing industry. It is fast-paced and overflowing with new ideas, designers, and
trends. Experimenting with these shifts season to season is part of the fun of fashion but keeping up
to date with what designs and silhouettes are stylish can sometimes feel like an impossible feat. It’s key to update your wardrobe with pieces that keep you ahead of the trends. To help highlight
the particularly popular, we’ve put together a list of the most important trends that are everywhere
from runways to Instagram feeds this season.

1. Oversized tailoring
Powerfully feminine, the oversized tailoring trend is both a put-together statement and
effortlessly chic. Redefining masculine shapes and sharp cuts, this collared trend is loved
most by the fashionable ladies of Paris and Amsterdam.

2. Graphics
Taking inspiration from vintage band merchandise and 90’s graphic tees, the graphic print
pays homage to rock ‘n’ roll and radiates a nostalgic essence of resistance and rebellion. Easy
to style casually with your well-loved pair of denim jeans and white trainers.

3. Bohemian
From whimsical floral motifs to puffed sleeves, this trend has an ethereal feel and a natural
freedom of spirit. Maxi lengths and textured fabrics are everywhere this Autumn/Winter.

4. Faux Fur
From fur trims and tote bags to lined sandals and overcoats, faux fur is keeping everybody
warm this season. Easy to style and perfect to pair with other Autumn/Winter staples like
leather, denim and suede.

5. Quilted Jackets
Teddy jackets are back and better than ever. The coziest companion for the colder months
and a great piece to elevate a casual outfit. Quilted jackets in geometric prints and floral
motifs are a maximalist addition to jacket staples, and a fun way to experiment with prints.

6. Leather
A timeless classic that makes a come-back every year, leather is a trend that never goes out
of style. Reworked this season in modern silhouettes and fresh cuts, leather pairs easily with
other classic pieces.

7. Chunky Boots
Chunky boots are making a stand. This masculine silhouette has a grungy feel that creates a
trendy contrast when juxtaposed with typically feminine skirts and dresses, but also
naturally compliments denim.

8. Pink & brown
Whoever said pink wasn’t the colour of the season was seriously disturbed. That’s right, pink
is making a statement so big Elle Woods herself would approve. Influenced by Valentino’s
infamous Autumn/Winter 2022 pink collection, this trend adds a pop of colour to those grey winter days. Paired with a more wintery brown hue makes this trend wearable and easy to

9. Vests and Gilets
Vests and gilets are not just practical outerwear. Styled with a great pair of denim jeans,
they can completely transform a casual look and add a detail that brings a new lease of life
to classic outerwear.

10. Chunky loafers
This is the micro-trend stealing the hearts of fashion fanatics everywhere. A preppy
accessory that is a staple in the existing wardrobes of women around the world, this season
the loafer is reimagined with a bold and masculine presence.


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