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How to style the viral Birkenstock Clog

November 18, 2022

How to style the viral Birkenstock Clog

The fashion industry’s latest obsession is one nobody seemed to see coming: the Birkenstock Boston
Clog. Offering a whole new take on the ‘dad shoe’ trend, the humble summer sandal brand has been
catching the attention of every fashion fanatic. Over recent years fashion has created a desire to
style seemingly ‘ugly’ pieces and make them completely coveted. The Birkenstock Clog is just next
on the hitlist. Although by far the comfiest and coziest shoe of the season, they are also perhaps the
most intimidating to style.

A staple in every Scandi girl’s wardrobe, the clog is best styled casually, and the key is to not
overthink it. Styled with wide-leg jeans and a knitted jumper creates a chic weekend look that looks
effortless yet put-together. Whatever works with your usual go-to trainers, should work nicely with
the Birkenstock Clog too. Perfect for countryside wanderings or city trips to the market, this laid-
back shoe is the embodiment of the ever growing in popularity ‘coastal grandmother’ aesthetic that
took off on Tik Tok this Summertime.

The Birkenstock Clog is also an easy transitional piece, perfect for all seasons despite the shearling
lining. A staple piece that transcends the seasons is always worth investing in, and these clogs are
here to stay. Here are some of our favourite ways to style the shoe of the season, we dare you not
to fall in love with them.

1. Smart Casual
A broken-down pantsuit look is always a winner. Suit trousers paired with a casual shoe is the cool-
girl uniform of Autumn. Despite being a statement, the Birkenstock clog is a pretty neutral shoe
when dressed down, and works beautifully with tonal looks like this one.

2. Maxi
Pairing this shoe with more unexpected, feminine pieces can work beautifully. The contrast of a
chunky shoe with a floaty midi skirt or knitted maxi dress is a chic way to rework your wardrobe and
add in a trendy piece to freshen up an every-day look.

3. Wide leg denim
Denim trends are always interchanging and being revised in every season. One of this year’s most
popular shapes is the wide leg. The magical thing about styling the Birkenstock Clog this way is this
look can be completely translated from season to season. This jean is perfect for both showing off a
shoe and dipping in to the European cool-girl, relaxed aesthetic everyone is trying to replicate. Did
someone say Matilda Djerf?

4. Preppy
When considering the Boston Clog, one’s first thoughts might be of granola and the outdoors,
certainly not fashion forward dressing. However, this shoe is very easily transitioned through to all
different styles and tastes and can work with pretty much any wardrobe. Styled for example, with
preppy accessories such as a long overcoat, button down shirt and a pair of slacks is just as chic as a
more casual weekend look.

5. Socks and sandals?
Are socks and sandals actually now considered fashion forward? The short answer is: yes. Don’t be
afraid to up the comfort factor even more and add a chunky wool sock to style your Birkenstock. This may sound strange at first…but try it out and trust us! The result is a cozy and chic look perfectly suited to Winter styling.

We hope the shoe of this year’s Autumn/Winter season is starting to look a little less intimidating.
Remember fashion is meant to be fun and playful, try out new things and never hold back! A top tip –
the Boston is the equivalent of fashion gold dust this Autumn/Winter – so grab them whilst you can!


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